We have broad experience in advising, negotiating, contracting and litigating, for example:

  • Drafting licences for a company in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • The assistance of a company in the automotive industry in the case of alleged trademark infringement.
  • The provision of advice and contracts regarding the outsourcing of various business processes in the areas of IT, logistics, facilitating management and retail.
  • Providing due dilligences for various (tech) companies.
  • Drafting privacy policies, cookie statements, processor agreements and terms & conditions for businesses in various sectors, like the technology, internet, telecom, insurance and real estate sector.
  • The negotiating of Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Pegasystems, HP and other (cloud)software licenses.
  • Drafting license agreements for a payment provider.
  • Providing legal advice to an organizer of talent shows regarding the alleged copyright and trademark infringements of a tv-format by a production company.


  • Representing a marketing agency in court regarding the copyright infringement of an advertising format (District Court).
  • Representing a collecting society in pan-European copyright infringement (District Court).
  • Assisting several companies in various sectors in automation disputes (District Court; Court of Appeal and the Foundation for the Resolution of ICT Disputes (SGOA).
  • Representing a financial institution in trade name infringement proceedings and a hotel/restaurant in trademark and trade name infringement proceedings (District Court and Court of Appeal).
  • Defending a health care company in proceedings regarding a failed cooperation (District Court and Court of Appeal).
  • Appearing in court in various proceedings on behalf of a real estate company regarding (online) copyright and trademark infringement (District Court).
  • Representing various companies in trademark opposition proceedings (EUIPO, BOIP).
  • Acting on behalf of an insurance company in domain name arbitration proceedings (WIPO).

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